Any VPN Solutions better than OpenVPN?

April 15, 2014 9.6k views
I know OpenVPN is really good, but I want a VPN which will allow me to connect multiple users for free since OpenVPN's free license only allows 2 concurrent connections. Thanks In Advance!
4 Answers
OpenVPN is free and open-source. It doesn't have any connection limits. OpenVPN Access Server is limited to 2 clients only, and you need to pay for a license if you want more.
If you host your own OpenVPN server there is not connection limit.
@louis Yes there is, I have a server and that's why I've posted this question.

[I am really sorry if I sound rude over there]
@Daniyaal, there is a community edition of OpenVPN that doesn't have any limit. It's a bit harder to use but it exists.

Anyway, there is SoftEther that you can look for.
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