Anycast DNS architecture with DigitalOcean

January 16, 2015 5k views

I am currently using Cloudflare CDN for a service that has it’s servers located in a single location (NY).

Although this works nicely for serving static assets globally, the round-rips from certain countries to the server in NY remain slow.

I am seeking any Anycast IP solution that would allow me to do the following:

1) Have servers at another location (e.g. Singapore)

2) Have an anycast IP address pointing to those two servers (via Route 53 or Easy DNS, etc.)

3) Still serve static assets through cloudflare. (this part I may achieve thorugh subdomaining)

My question to the community is: Have you done this? What did your architecture look like?


PS: am NOT seeking replication advice we have that nailed.

3 Answers

I don’t think it’s possible.

“Unfortunately, you can’t just use this method. You need your own AS number, and physical hardware. If you find a VPS provider that lets you have a chunk of their Anycast block, let me know!”

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I am trying to do exactly similar. any progress on this question?

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