Anyone ever host Plex using a droplet?

August 25, 2016 3.3k views
Applications Ubuntu 16.04

I have it running but I'm just curious - is it reasonable?

2 Answers

Personally I've installed it and played around with Plex on a droplet a bit. I know others are running it and when we announced block storage recently there was some discussion on running plex on a droplet in the reddit thread about the launch.

From a technical perspective it's a reasonable option but you'll want to work out the cost of storage depending on how large a media library you have. Block storage allows you to scale and have a large storage volume on a small droplet but that storage costs $0.10/Gb/Month.

If you have a friend with a decent internet connection (at least 3mb or more upload speed) then I think it would be cheaper in the long run to just build your own box. You can put together an older motherboard with quad-core cpu and 8gb for not too much, and then sink your money into buying new hard-drives.

My reasoning is that your media-library will be growing over time, so rather than creating a growing monthly bill for yourself, just invest in hard-drives and add them as you need them so everything is paid-for.

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