API has or version number indicating whether the data has changed

March 28, 2019 610 views

I would like to know if it is possible for the API team to add a version number or hash for each of the lists (regions, sizes, images). I have commands for refreshing and updating my database from the DO API, but perhaps this could be more controlled if there is some indication that a change in the data actually occurred. Even a “seconds since epoch” time stamp would be enough to know that an update is required.

Hitting the DO API in real time when someone is selecting a region, then size, then image is really slow, and not really necessary. Hence my local caching of the data.

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While this is not currently something that we do, it may be a great idea to post on our idea portal to see if others would like to see this as well:


When we make changes to our API it is very important to us that we do so in a way that is non-destructive, so as to not break anyone’s existing workflows. For the most part, we do not receive complaints that workflows have been broken due to API changes as a result of our careful attention to any changes made.


  • Thanks. I couldn’t remember where I saw suggestions being posted. I’ll keep an idea on that site.

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