I really need to know this. Can the bandwidth here or the configuration i chose affect the performance of the app? The app is a taxi on demand service app like UBER" and We are having lots of issues with the app. The app is very sluggish, the location service dont update automatically as it should in Android phones, the app gets stuck on booting most times you will need to always clear your catch and data to get the app to function.

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It is possible that the app is trying to consume more resources than you have allocated to your service (or close to maximum). You could try increasing the size, or type of droplet that you are using and see if this resolves your issue.

There could be any number of issues to be honest, it would be near impossible to troubleshoot in this way without some narrowing of the scope on your end.

Good luck.

  • Thanks for your answer… but the issue now is that i am not the developer and the developer seem not to know what to do anymore. The iOS version works smoothly to an extent only few rcashes somethings. But its not sluggish, the location updates, its doesnt get stock on booting sometimes but tge android version is the issue.

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