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Posted August 12, 2021 210 views

Is a service type component suitable for running a database, or does it lack permanent storage? I need to run ArangoDB.

If yes, how do I make a connection from the component running my app? I’ve tried listing a port under internal_ports for the database component, but I’m not able to connect.

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👋 @tomfa0db012303b44908d6f5f5

Hosting a DB in an App Platform service is not recommended because components run in ephemeral containers. For example, if the underlying hardware breaks we will automatically move your service to another, though it’s a new container and does not persist any data.

In this case you may want to look into using a Droplet to host your database and have your App hosting in App Platform.

Hope this helps!

  • Thanks very much for the quick reply. I’m looking into installing the DB on a droplet. Is it possible to have the droplet and the app in the same private network? Failing that I guess I can at least have them in the same region.

    This is for a dev prototype at the moment so I might just put the whole thing in the droplet.

    • App Platform does not support VPC’s yet. We are definitely working towards that in the future (though I can’t give a time estimate). If private networking is a requirement then a droplet may be a better option.

      Hope this helps!

      • The reason I was asking was mainly about performance. It’s much better of course if the app and the database are on the same network. I guess if they are in the same region then that means the same datacenter, so it should be a pretty fast connection?

        • Yup! Colocating your DB and App in the same region should provide the best performance.

          I’m not sure if a private networking would offer even more performance, though I imagine it might, I doubt it’d be that much.