Application randomly freeze

Posted September 17, 2015 3.2k views

Hi, we have issue that our application randomly freeze on DigitalOcean. Most of the time works fine, but sometimes seems like server is unresponsive (we don’t get response on browser htttp request). If user refresh page (F5 on browser) immediately works normal again. Application is installed on some non DigitalOcean servers and there we don’t have this issue. All resources (ram, disk and CPU usage) are very unused (also there aren’t any peaks on usage graph), we don’t execute any very complex querryies etc. Tnx for help.

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Hello, with the question you give right now; nobody can really do a thing with it.
If you would like to get an answer, or some support about your problem you need to give more information about your situation. You say ‘an application’, we don’t know what you are talking about or what kind of server you need to have for this. You also don’t give any details about your current setup on DO, or the setup at somewhere else.
Generally said, we can’t answer anything until you explain more about your situation. Anything relevant to this server and software would be helpfull.

Hello, thank you for answer. I will try to explain more in details:

Our Droplet configuration is:
8GB Ram
80GB SSD Disk
San Francisco 1
CentOS 7 x64

Application is web oriented,there is client side on browser and server side deployed on DigitalOcean droplet. On user action (for example click on menu) http request is sent to server side which return html content. More than 99% of the time is working fine, but sometimes there is no response from server. It’s seems like request didn’t reach DigitalOcean server instance, which is more than enought good for application like this (there are no strange peaks on cpu, ram, disk write graph). I found two possible reasons:

  • Network problems on DigitalOcean
  • Http request is lost because DigitalOcean virtual machine instance is moving to other location

There is not a problem in application, we are running it in non DigitalOcean environments and it’s works fine.

@SasoMadaric “Application is installed on some non DigitalOcean servers and there we don’t have this issue.”
Which service are you using where you don’t have this issue?