Applyed a command to the wrong directory... How bad it is?

March 4, 2015 1.6k views
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So, I’m completely new to Linux and VPS in general but so far I’m quite pleased with the experience, the thing is that I’m not the most avid linux user -duh!- so with that in mind I’m prone to making mistakes…

My problem is that I was following this guide and this one and for whatever reason my session timed out and had to reconnect… and I continued with the guide and did not check the directory I was in once I logged back… home… and applied this command at that location “sudo chown www-data:www-data * -R” … so my question is… How bad it is? Do I screwed the VM? Is there a way to undo that command? Back to square one and learn from my mistakes ? :P

I used a secondary user with sudo privileges as per the initial configuration setup guide.


2 Answers

Assuming you had logged in as root you would have run this command in /root. While there are some places in the filesystem where running this command could have major issues luckily everything under /root is owned by the root user so a single command can put things back how they were.

chown -Rf root /root


I ran the command using a secondary account account at the default location (/home/AdminAcc). This user has sudo privileges.

Would this command “chown -Rf AdminAcc /AdminAcc” do the same as the one you posted but for my user?


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