apt-get install not working

September 13, 2013 3.9k views
Hi guys, I would just like to know if anyone knows why apt-get install and apt-get update aren't working on my ubuntu vps? It fails when it get to the connecting to archive.ubuntu.com part. Thanks in advance, Francis
4 Answers
Try editing /etc/resolv.conf

If empty - enter

and try again
Hi francis! What version of ubuntu are you running, and is it 32 or 64 bit? You can look in /etc/lsb-release and run the command "uname -a" if you're not sure.

Also, if you have as a nameserver in your /etc/resolv.conf, change that to

Thanks for your replies! Sorry for not answering your question Will but I tried Alex's idea first and everything seems to be working now. Thanks guys! :D
No worries! The important thing is that you got it working :-)
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