Arch being deprecated by DO

Posted April 14, 2014 27.8k views
I noted whilst going to create a new droplet, a message regarding arch being deprecated. I use this build directly because it is lightweight and modular, giving a small "attack surface" out-of-the box. Does this mean that DO are going to just leave the old build available for ever, or completely remove it from deployment soon? Also, what would Arch users recommend moving to? I found DO specifically because it offered Arch in the first place. Any other cloud providers that offer Arch Linux at a competitive price?

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I needed to run Arch Linux on DO too, so I wrote a script that automatically converts a fresh Debian 7.0 x64 installation into a fully-updated Arch installation.

Feedback appreciated!

Hi, I just signed up after being referred by the TechSnap youtube show. I would have liked to start an Arch Linux droplet but didn't want to be inconvenienced by a dropped product. Please consider maintaining support for Arch Linux.

Please continue supporting Arch Linux.

  • I would really prefer to have Arch over a Debian or RedHat variant as well.

  • That, after 6 months! DO do not respond to the questions in this thread is a strong hint they wish Arch users would go away.
    However, on Distrowatch, Arch is in third place behind Mint and Ubuntu. Add Arch figures with Manjaro (= Arch with a GUI installer) to get this result.
    Does this mean DO have no business sense? Does it mean they are religiously supporting Debian distros? Does a manager at DO have a grudge against Arch?
    Thankfully I didn’t sign up yet, but I came here to do so. Thanks for the thread.

Please, do not remove Arch Linux from DigitalOcean.

Arch Linux is the same on distributions as like DigitalOcean is in VPS. I'm an Arch Linux desktop user and like how it is in servers.

I and some contacts will leave DigitalOcean if you finally deprecate it. We are working with one year old Kernel and don't said anything...

DigitalOcean isn't in the right direction with this change.
Oh no – this would be a great shame. +1 for keeping it.
Please, don't do that.
I'm against this decision too, DigitalOcean must keep Arch Linux as standard base distribution.
Would love an official response about this.

I switched from another host about a month ago (two Arch Linux machines and a bunch of domains), because DigitalOceans's pricing was desirable for my needs.

I've been happy with the service so far, but will leave DigitalOcean if I can't run Arch Linux.
It only says depreciated, not gotten rid of. They mean two different things.
I came here because Arch Linux was available. Maybe I'll leave if you delete it.
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