Arch being deprecated by DO

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I noted whilst going to create a new droplet, a message regarding arch being deprecated. I use this build directly because it is lightweight and modular, giving a small "attack surface" out-of-the box. Does this mean that DO are going to just leave the old build available for ever, or completely remove it from deployment soon? Also, what would Arch users recommend moving to? I found DO specifically because it offered Arch in the first place. Any other cloud providers that offer Arch Linux at a competitive price?

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I needed to run Arch Linux on DO too, so I wrote a script that automatically converts a fresh Debian 7.0 x64 installation into a fully-updated Arch installation.

Feedback appreciated!

Hi, I just signed up after being referred by the TechSnap youtube show. I would have liked to start an Arch Linux droplet but didn't want to be inconvenienced by a dropped product. Please consider maintaining support for Arch Linux.

Please continue supporting Arch Linux.

  • I would really prefer to have Arch over a Debian or RedHat variant as well.

  • That, after 6 months! DO do not respond to the questions in this thread is a strong hint they wish Arch users would go away.
    However, on Distrowatch, Arch is in third place behind Mint and Ubuntu. Add Arch figures with Manjaro (= Arch with a GUI installer) to get this result.
    Does this mean DO have no business sense? Does it mean they are religiously supporting Debian distros? Does a manager at DO have a grudge against Arch?
    Thankfully I didn’t sign up yet, but I came here to do so. Thanks for the thread.

Please, do not remove Arch Linux from DigitalOcean.

Arch Linux is the same on distributions as like DigitalOcean is in VPS. I'm an Arch Linux desktop user and like how it is in servers.

I and some contacts will leave DigitalOcean if you finally deprecate it. We are working with one year old Kernel and don't said anything...

DigitalOcean isn't in the right direction with this change.
Oh no – this would be a great shame. +1 for keeping it.
Please, don't do that.
I'm against this decision too, DigitalOcean must keep Arch Linux as standard base distribution.
Would love an official response about this.

I switched from another host about a month ago (two Arch Linux machines and a bunch of domains), because DigitalOceans's pricing was desirable for my needs.

I've been happy with the service so far, but will leave DigitalOcean if I can't run Arch Linux.
It only says depreciated, not gotten rid of. They mean two different things.
I came here because Arch Linux was available. Maybe I'll leave if you delete it.
I vote for maintain Arch Linux too, please do not remove it.
+1 for archlinux. It was one of the main reasons for switching to DO besides the wonderful control panel.
Please keep ARCH LINUX! Do not remove it!!
Please keep Linux Arch. Arch and DO created for each other.
Arch is the best :(
Another +1 for keeping Arch images -- they are the main reason I came to DO.
+1 for keep Arch Linux
Can't believe you guys deprecating this great distro, that's the big reason I love DO. Please don't do it, and make effort to support it.
Just another reason not to use DigitalOcean
NO. I can't believe it! I'm currently working furiously on my Ansible playbooks getting ready to deploy.. Oh the shame!
Can you guys suggest a different cheap provider with Arch support?
+1 For Arch.
DO, Please consider different approach than deprecating, such as:
"Arch build is not up to date, you are on your on"
Yeah I come to Digital Ocean because of ArchLinux. I prefer rolling releases, rather than old code and attempting to keep a server from being hacked from past failures.

I guess they will remove the choice to make droplets (images) , or the choice in latest vm-kernels.

I vouch for keeping ArchLinux but would find it acceptable if kernel updates were less often to make admin work at Digital Ocean easier.

The only problem I find with Arch is its lack of support for official MySQL. It really hurts the adoption of this distribution as a server.
Really sad to find out Arch Linux will not be supported anymore. For me this was the reason to go with Digital Ocean.

Dropping support will mean I will have to move away to another hosting company.

I really liked your service, but I will have to say goodbye!

PS. Please reconsider
Vote here to keep Arch Linux on Digital Ocean.
It is a great distribution. And the more knowledgeable and skilled you are the better it is. With those Arch makes a fantastic VPS. I have one now for a year. It's a blistering, lean mean server machine. It's a shame to take it away from knowledgeable and skilled users who can utilize what Arch offers to its fullest. Even lacking kernel updates. I'll mention kexec-tools to address that issue but use with caution and read through the installation or you will break your droplet.

The problem is that Arch users being in the minority, leaving DO actually furthers their aim. As, Bye! See yah! So that won't achieve anything but tidy up things for DO.

What I would suggest to Arch users and DO is to reach out to each other. Why can't Arch users help maintain Arch on DO? I'm sure they'd be quite willing to do that? And I have no doubt they have the ability. Give them a droplet upgrade for their time and effort? I'll excuse myself from that, it isn't self-interest in suggesting this. I don't have them time. So I'll go on record, no, I won't accept anything in exchange. But I really do not see with DO prominently displaying "Now Hiring" that a way could not be found to make use of the ability that exists within the Arch community to resolve this to everyone's satisfaction?


please excuse any typos!
I would certainly be willing to help with that.

If arch support is dropped I would probably have to move to another provider for quite a large amount of droplets, which would suck since I had written load balancing tools around the DO API.
Hi Digital Ocean,
You are a great company, I've been happy with your service so far but this news shock me. Archlinux is the whole reason I'm using DO. The technical simplicity and the modular design of archlinux should be at least beneficial to solve maintainability problems. Reach out the arch community. Even if it is a rolling distro, stable images are posible to mantain.

Please reconsider this decision, I'm confident that an appropiate solution can be found for your bleeding edge/forward thinking customers!

Will this mean eventually Arch Droplets are no longer supported or will you keep helping Arch Linux users? Is the Kernel not updated anymore?

Arch is also the reason I went for DO, guess we are too small a minority. Anybody any suggestions for other providers? Here in the Netherlands you can use with Arch Linux, they are only a little more expensive (around 6 euro's (inc tax.)) They offer a vast amount of options, even Gentoo, FreeBSD and OpenBSD.
Arch was my main reason for going with DO. If Arch goes, so will I.
Do not deprecate Arch Linux...
+1 - I will leave DO if there is no Arch.

Another +1 for keep Archlinux
Keep Arch!
You will lose me if you drop Arch.

I was also really bummed to find out that Digital Ocean decided to drop support for Arch.

It’s been difficult to find another VPS provider that offers kvm virtualization, SSD storage, on demand snapshots along with a well designed web admin interface at a similar pay-as-you-go price point.

Here are some other providers which support Arch that I’ve dug up

should have kept arch. would rather set my own system up at home with a dmz zone than not have it

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