Are browser-based uploads supported by Spaces?

March 21, 2018 539 views
API Development

Amazon S3 supports file uploads into private buckets via HTML forms, direct from the user's browser - without an Authentication header.

This is documented for signature v4

and here for v2:

I am currently using code as described in the last link for S3 and I'm not sure how to migrate it to Spaces.

It is basically a php-backed HTML form where I calculate the policy and signatures on the backend using ajax and then let the user POST direct to S3 with the valid values in order to upload the file. Any help welcome!

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DO Spaces is pretty much compatible with any S3 clients and or apis

  • Thank you - however I've not managed to make this work so far, I always get errors when just replacing endpoint and key/secret on my current scripts. There doesn't seem to be any documentation on this form of authentication / non-REST upload in DO docs!

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