Are Droplets Created with Snapshots Connected?

February 10, 2016 2.2k views

I created a single droplet and configured it to run my application. I then took a snapshot of that droplet and created two more droplets from that snapshot. When I deployed app changes to the original droplet, the two new droplets also received the same code. I only scp’d to the original droplet. Is this supposed to happen?

1 Answer

Each created droplet has its own storage. Presumably you pushed your modifications to both droplets or your droplets pull their information from the same source.

  • Yes, they do have their own storage. What i did was create a test api endpoint in my code to tell me which droplet i was speaking to, and then uploaded this to the original droplet only. When i pinged the endpoint on all the droplets, i got the same response. Presumably it shouldn’t exist on the other two…

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