Are droplets powered with green energy?

April 20, 2015 3.5k views
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I want to save the environment. For my future projects I’ll use
only VPS servers powered with 100% green energy. So do you
offer data centers powered with green energy?

  • Its important question for me too. Now I am using DC servers BUT on my feature project(geen project) I am going to use GEEN VPS.

  • I’m also interested in this because it’s a key information for my decision.

  • I join this question. Nowadays global warming is a global danger for the whole planet, and IT business consumes more and more energy. It’s time to become green!

  • I’m also interested in this… but there is still no answer?! Are there any alternatives?

  • ping @ DigitalOcean

5 Answers

What? Still no answer? My company has a policy to only use green energy…

DO, answer the damn question. The refusal of answering the question is actually worse than saying that you have a plan of going 100% green energy in x time but you’re not there yet.

I submitted a support ticket a couple of months back and got the following answer:

“Thanks for reaching out to us and we’d be happy to help point you in the right direction for your question regarding the power source of our data center locations. In our NYC area, our equipment is located in data centers operated either by Equinix or Telx, and our San Francisco data center is operated by Telx. Regarding your question, you can reach out to these companies and inquire directly about the source of their utility power.”

This would be important to me too. maybe we should make some pressure. If customers don’t demand it they will do nothing.

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