Are Kubernetes Persistent Volumes supported in DO?

August 9, 2019 287 views
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“Persistent Volumes are simply a piece of storage in your cluster. Similar to how you have a disk resource in a server, a persistent volume provides storage resources for objects in the cluster. At the most simple terms you can think of a PV as a disk drive. It should be noted that this storage resource exists independently from any pods that may consume it. Meaning, that if the pod dies, the storage should remain intact assuming the claim policies are correct. Persistent Volumes are provisioned in two ways, Statically or Dynamically.” I have created a PVC but it is not attached to my cluster or any droplet for that matter.

This will be used as a Shared Persistent Volume between two sidecar containers. How do I proceed to have this shared volume in the cluster?

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Hi there!

You can find information on persisting data in kubernetes workloads.

Note that if you are using DO Block Volumes, you will be restricted to that products limitations mentioned at the link below:

Theres also some great examples of using persistent volume claims as volumes in the kubernetes documentation:


John Kwiatkoski
Senior Developer Support Engineer

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