Are my vps instances hosted on different physical hardware?

April 2, 2016 2.4k views
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I am setting up a High Availability web server and I want to make sure that my servers are not on the same physical hardware. Is there a way to check this myself or any statement about this from DO?

2 Answers

While we do not have a GUI method to do this, the API provides a list_neighbors function which you can run against a droplet. This will return details on any other droplets you own that are on the same physical hardware. This command can either be used within a program of your own, or via Curl.
You can also use the doctl command line client. Once you know the droplet's ID number you can run this command:

./doctl compute droplet neighbors DROPLET_ID
  • Handy way to check all your droplets with minimal effort:

    doctl compute droplet list --format ID --no-header | xargs -L 1 doctl compute droplet neighbors --no-header

Thanks for the response. I used the API and it indicated that neither of my servers have neighbors. Does that seem reasonable?

  • Yup, that means none of your droplets are hosted on the same physical hypervisor, so you're all good! =]

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