Are Plugins From WordPress Transfered Over During Migration?

January 6, 2016 1.4k views
WordPress DigitalOcean

I’ll be transferring over my wordpress site from a shared hosting to Digital Ocean. I have read through tutorials on how to do that. My question is, after migration is complete will my original plugins work? Also if i want to install new plugins is it as simple as installing through /wp-admin area in the browser as it was through shared hosting?

Here are some of my current plugins:
Disqus Comment System
Google Analytics by Yoast
Jetpack by Wordpress
WP Simple Adsense Insertions
Yoast SEO

2 Answers
  1. My … my original plugins work? : Yes. But you might need to install them again. It depends on the migration method you use.
  2. Also … hosting? : Yes. Nothing changes after all - it’s the same software!

I used for Wordpress migration. Maybe you should try it.

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