Are Ports 25,465,587 ports still blocked by default, or is it something else wrong?

November 3, 2015 3k views
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Firstly i have just created a support ticket, but just thought if i ask the question here, it may save the support team some time...

I successfully got my ‘demo’ site working using domain This included getting the emails to be sent from the wordpress site from a contact from. Emails from the site were sent from Postman plugin, with Zoho smtp settings..

I decided to transfer my proper site across I done this by deleting the DNS settings in Digital Ocean, and removing the DO nameservers from settings with the company who host the domain.

I then recreated the new dns settings for my proper site, replicated the dns settings exactly how i had it with the other site. I then logged into the wordpress site, changed the web urls in settings and then tested and the site works absolutely fine. The site loaded fine and everything works, and checking the propagation or settings like nameservers etc it all seems fine.

Problem is now the website won’t send emails from it, even though all settings within the website are excatly the same.

It says ports 25,465,587 are blocked. I have checked via terminal and a website and it confirms they are blocked.

How can i unblock it?

  • Solved this by starting again with all the same settings apart from this time not selecting IPv6.

  • Hi Andy,

    Glad to hear that helped out.

  • Hey Andy,

    It's also possible to give priority to IPv4 and leave IPv6 enabled by editing your /etc/gai.conf file. You want to remove the comment (#) from this line:

    #precedence ::ffff:0:0/96  100

    Happy coding,

    Jon Schwenn
    Platform Support Specialist

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Hey Andy,

SMTP is blocked on IPv6 due to issues with how providers handle abuse on there. I see in the comments above that you switched to IPv4 only and solved the issue, which is exactly what I would have suggested.

Happy coding!


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