Are there access to my files from the internet?

August 31, 2015 2k views
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I am a new here. I have a question.

  1. I created Joomla Ubuntu droplet
  2. I connected to droplet using putty.exe
  3. I launched MC file manager in order to look at list of folders and files
  4. in the parent directory I found a number of folders: bin boot dev … … … var
  5. as I understand files and folders for website are located at var/www/html and access to these files could be organised somehow from the internet....
  6. The question is: are there any ways to get access to the rest list of files and folders (which are NOT located in var/www/html). I mean, should I protect these files somehow in order to prevent unathorised access to these files?
1 Answer

From the website published on that server as it stands now, people will not see any other files or folders outside of /var/www/html so you’re fine in that regard.

As long as you don’t have anyone else accessing the server by FTP, SSH, etc. on another login, there isn’t any reason to change folder permissions in an around the file system either, but you can find more reading about file permissions at An Introduction to Linux Permissions. There are other guides as well, that’s just the first thing I came across when searching “permissions” in the tutorials section.

by Mitchell Anicas
Linux is a multi-user OS that is based on the Unix concepts of file ownership and permissions to provide security at the file system level. If you are planning to improve your Linux skills, it is essential that you have a decent understanding of how these work. In this tutorial, we will cover how to view and understand Linux ownership and permissions.
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