Are there any benefits of using IPv6 for a simple WordPress website?

June 4, 2016 4.3k views
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I see I can choose t use it pretty easily, but I'm not doing anything more advanced than setting up a WordPress site. Can someone ELI5 me the benefits, if any, there would be to me choosing to enable this?

Also, why isn't it turned on by default? Is there a downside to having it on?


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As long as you also have an IPv4 address, nothing changes. The only role it can play is if you don't have an IPv4 address because some people can't use IPv6 yet.

Imho it's better to use IPv4 exclusively for now. Support for it is superior atm, give it a few years.

Rephrasing this ramble: No advantages, no disadvantages. Just different.

  • No advantages? The advantage is that people like me, who are occasionally on IPv6-only connections will be able to actually access your website.
    IPv4+IPv6 dualstack should be the default setup these days.

    • Great Point! It really depends on what you are using the site for. If you want your site to reach everybody then the dual stack would definitely benefit you.

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