Are there domain limits?

December 30, 2013 4.3k views
Are there any domain limits in place for servers on DigitalOcean? Is it required that we use the DNS console @ DO or can we simply point A records at our IP address and enable virtual host listeners for them?
5 Answers
No there aren't domain limits, no you don't have to use their DNS. Just point a records.

I just hit a limit of 28 domains and it said I had to submit a support request to ask to add more than 28.

I got hit by a limit of 10. This seems strangely low. What’s the perf or security downside of allowing 100 or so by default?

Is there a DNS query limit? I have a domain like getting 25 million queries per month. Would it be okay to use it here? Are query statistics available?

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