Are there other storage solutions?

September 23, 2013 3.5k views
Hey, I was looking to move to DigitalOcean for my hosting needs with your 1GB mem/30Gb storage. The memory is plenty but I need some more storage room to allow for some offsite backs I'm currently doing with AWS. It doesn't require SSD, but I would need it backed up. Is there any options for this? Thanks.
3 Answers
If storage is what you need create 512MB droplets and mount them using NFS. It provides more value for money.

1GB server 30GB > upgraded > 2GB server 40GB = 40GB total disk space for $20
1GB server 30GB + (2 x 512MB server 20GB) = 70GB space for $20 :-)
You can mount Amazon S3 if that is ok for your usage?
Currently we do not offer additional/extended hard drive space. In order to get a bigger drive you will need to upgrade to a bigger droplet plan.
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