Are there plans to support backups for FreeBSD?

April 3, 2015 2.9k views
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I tried to add backups to my FreeBSD droplet and saw that it was “unsupported in this configuration” - while that’s not a huge deal for me right now, I plan on relying on my droplet more as time goes on so backups are going to become more important. Snapshots aren’t a great option because I plan to host mail and don’t want to take the server down for snapshotting too often. (Edit: I just realized I am asking this in the community forum… I’ll let it sit here anyway in case someone wants to chime in!)

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We are continuing to look into this. Currently there are issues with backing up UFS2 filesystems when mounted on a droplet without severe performance issues. In the meantime you may want to look into using rsync to automate backups of your important files.

by zlađurić
This article provides a quick way to backup the most common things in a typical web hosting scenario: website files and database data. We will setup a full daily backup of a website folder and a copying of this data to a remote server (this can also work for another VPS). We will also set up a rsync example to just copy the incremental changes. Finally, we'll set up backup of a MySQL database.
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  • @ryanpq Have you tried with ZFS for the root fs instead of UFS2 on FreeBSD? Even if it didn’t solve the backup performance issues having the option would at least allow us to use ZFS snapshots instead of rsync.

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