Are there some test IP for each location ?

September 4, 2014 9k views

I wanna give a quick test on speed of the host on different location, but I found the testing result of http://ipv4.speedtest-* varying a lot (if you run it serval times in a row, you'll find it very unstable). Also this testing result is not quite intuitionist.
Wondering is there any test host IP for each location ? Thanks ahead.

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What kind of testing are you looking to do? If you just want an IP to ping and traceroute, each of those Speedtest sites is located in the respective datacenter. So there is an IP for each location. For instance, is

  • Cool, that's exact what I'm looking for. Didn't know those servers are located exact where their domain name meaning to : D

    So I just want to list them down, in case anyone is looking for the same information as me:

visit this site and pick the server you want to test. it'll do a download - upload - ms and jitter test.

Hi! I uploaded a script for test this. Check in Github.


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