Are they dedicated or Shared hosting

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I am looking at CPU Optimised plans
Are these dedicated hosting plans ?
Do they have Content Delivery Network?
SSL certificate available?
Do we get WHM panel?
Are they managed plans?
What is the security from brute attacks., what is your support for that?
What is the chat support you have ?

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hI @persistentdsl,

I’ll provide answers to each question as best explained in either documents or other questions alike:

  • CPU Optimised plans, Are these dedicated hosting plans?

Resources like RAM, disk storage, and network bandwidth are always dedicated, but you can choose between shared CPU and dedicated CPU plans for dedicated vCPU.

Dedicated CPU Droplets have guaranteed access to the full hyperthread at all times. With shared CPU Droplets, the hyperthread allocated to the Droplet may be shared between multiple other Droplets. When a shared CPU Droplet experiences heavier load, the hypervisor dynamically allocates more hyperthread(s) to it.

However, the amount of CPU cycles available for the hypervisor to allocate depends on the workload of the other Droplets sharing that host. If these neighboring Droplets have high load, a Droplet could receive fractions of hyperthreads instead of dedicated access to the underlying physical processors. In practice, this means that shared CPU Droplets can have access to full hyperthreads, but it’s not guaranteed.

  • Do they have Content Delivery Network?

No, there is no CDN included however you can use other free CDN like Cloudflare or anything similar.

  • SSL certificate available?

You can install the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates on any of your Droplets.

    • Do we get WHM panel?

    cPanel is a third party application managed through the Marketplace. New installations of cPanel come with a 15 day free trial. For further use beyond that point a valid license will need to be purchased directly through cPanel.

    Please refer to below link for further details:

    • Are they managed plans?

    No, DigitalOcean droplets are provided with root access and their management falls on your or your developers.

    • What is the security from brute attacks., what is your support for that?

    You can read more about security here :

    Regarding protection against brute force attacks or any kind of vulnerabilities are a responsibility of the client/owner of the Droplet.

    DigitalOcean do have some protection against such attacks but they are on a more higher level that is basically directed to Nodes and other similar infrastructure.

    • What is the chat support you have ?

    The support consists of extensive Documentation on all products + ways to use the platform.

    Additionally, there are countless tutorials and there is the community where we strive to help with anything we can.

    There is the Support page where you can find everything and submit a ticket to DigitalOcean’s support: