Are we allowed to install a desktop version of a OS (e.g. Windows, Ubuntu)?

February 3, 2013 22k views
Is this possible? Then connect via VNC to the server? If not, can somebody recommend me a website that allows this?
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You can install both Ubuntu (11.04, 12.04, 12.10) and Fedora (16 and 17) from the standard os images, and i believe running your own images is in the works.

You can then use VNC, or their own HTML5 Console.
We provide Desktop images as well which already have a full GUI installed and they are labelled as "Desktop".

Then you can use our HTML5 VNC console to gain access to the GUI from the control panel.
  • Hi where would the desktop images be found when creating a droplet?

  • Unfortunately we are no longer offering desktop images. You can however install a desktop environment manually on a (1GB+) droplet. I would recommend using XFCE as it’s relatively lightweight and works well:

    sudo apt-get install xfce4
  • Could you pl. tell, how to start the xfce4 desktop after the install.

  • by Bulat Khamitov
    VNC will allow you to connect to your server remotely, as well as be able to use your keyboard, mouse, and monitor to interface with that server. Get it setup on your Ubuntu 12 cloud server.
And what about Windows, raiyu? You haven't answered.
We do not provide support for Windows servers and I dont think running some sort of virtualization inside of a virtual server to attempt to install Windows would work well.
Well that would be very slow,raiyu
You can install Virtualbox and install Windows on it, however you would be capped to 1 core only.

You can install Windows directly to your Droplet, see here -

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