Are you the host I need for wp multisite? Not a techie.

Posted February 18, 2017 2.9k views

I was recommended to you guys.

However after reading a little about your service I am wondering if I am really your customer.

Please advise.

I am not a techie. Not a developer.

I am only looking for hosting for my start up website that will install and provide support for my WP multisite. Let me know if it’s you guys - thanks

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DigitalOcean provides un-managed VPS’s (Virtual Private Servers) which are, in short, a night & day difference when compared to shared hosting.

When it comes to support, DigitalOcean is, as noted above, un-managed. This means that they will provide support for the physical server your VPS is hosted on (i.e if a CPU fails, RAM goes bad, HDD dies, etc), the network, and any issues that pop up within their control panel – they do not, however, provide direct support for WordPress, or other similar web applications / applications / etc.

If you don’t want to work from the CLI, or even think about it, a VPS most likely would not be an ideal match for you at this time. You need to be comfortable working from the CLI. While DigitalOcean has one-click images for WordPress, they are base images that are intended to give you a jump-start.

The one-click images are basic in nature, and are intended to be that way, so that you can build from them. You’d still need to work from the CLI to make sure your server stays in proper working order.

That being said, if you just want to host your site and that’s it, but you need support for when things take a turn for the worse, I would recommend checking out WordPress specific providers. You will pay more for their services – just to be upfront – but they would be better suited for non-sysadmin, non-developers.

Shared Hosting vs WordPress-Specific

Most shared hosting providers charge $1-$10 per month, thus anything their support team isn’t able to fix in a matter of minutes, you’re most likely not going to get much help with.

As much as I dislike telling people this, if you want/need support, you’re going to have to pay for it, or you need to learn to setup and manage a web server, or you need to hire a sysadmin to do it for you.

Take for example GoDaddy (shared hosting) and WPEngine (WordPress Specific Provider). GoDaddy charges $3.99-$7.99 for their base package. You may not get the support you need, but you’re not really paying for the best support in this case – you’re paying for the resources they allocate to your account. WPEngine, on the other hand, for Multi-Site installations, is going to run $99 per month.

The difference here is that WPEngine knows WordPress and will work with you to resolve issues because you’re paying for hand-holding support that keeps you away from the CLI and sysadmin duties that come with setting up and managing web servers.

Pagely is similar, starting at $99/month.

… as is Kinsta starting at $100/month.

Ultimately, you get what you pay for at the end of the day. Yes, these provides do cost a lot, though in comparison, hiring a sysadmin do the same is going to cost you far more upfront.

I work as a freelance sysadmin and do these types of setups often and pricing for just the initial setup would be 2-5x upfront what you’d pay per month for the guys above simply because it’s involved and requires tweaking and tuning specific to a clients’ needs.

You can run WP multisite on pretty much any host that runs Wordpress, so yes, DigitalOcean can host it.

I guess I wasn’t enitrely clear - I am not a techie. I am ready to leave my current host because they are not providing support for wp multisite.

Do YOU guys provide that support?

So for ex., when I migrated to my current host I had my domain set up as multisite and I had 6 sites with it. The other day I went into the back office and all but one of multisites were gone. I have received 0 support in resolving this problem. (Sorry - we don’t support multisite).

Since then I added a plugin at the network level but it doesn’t work/respond as it should on the main site (now the only site left). So I network deactivated and uninstalled it then deleted it.

Then I went to install it on the remaining site and there is no option to install a plugin at the individual site level.

No, DigitalOcean is not the place for you.
If you want someone to host and support your WordPress platform, then use one of the many good providers (some of them even use DigitalOcean for their servers). Have a look at WPengine or CloudWays or Kinsta or WPMUdev - if you want something cheap then maybe SiteGround.
There’s probably many more, but these are the ones I’ve stumbled upon.
Note that I don’t use any of these providers, but have my servers here at DigitalOcean.

my situation was quite similar like u when i was about to host my first app & site.

i wasn’t a techie either, shared hosting performance just sucks and didnt had money to get a professional service.
but i decided to learn and host on DO. i must say DO had the most wonderful tutorials for managing server and they are really easy to understand. since happily hosting with them for the last 2 years. :)
now i can say i was 100% correct and choose the correct path. though it was not easy but it was correct.

so decide yourself, either follow what @jtittle said or start learning. i also found DO support stuff very friendly. back then, they helped me many times on issues which were even out of their scope. but i saw nowdays DO support stuff most likely try to ignore additional supporting and direct customers to the community forum. :P

im sure this will ease a lot of pain from using CLI and give you a little bit of flavor of cpanel hosting while using DigitalOceans VPS