Assets Loading on Droplet URL but not on Custom Domain

November 18, 2014 2.1k views

Hey Guys,

Currently on my droplet URL all assets load perfectly and the site loads fine. But when I browse to the custom domain (using GoDaddy Domain & Digital Ocean DNS) assets seem to stop loading. Two URL’s Below:

Static Droplet IP (Working Assets)
Custom Domain (Not Working)


  • Hi! Could you try clearing your local browser cache? Unless I’m missing something, the pages look the same to me.

  • If you look in the bottom left corner.

    On the static IP social icons show up.
    On the custom domain they are square blanks (No asset received)

    On the static IP signing up with email works just fine
    On the custom domain scripts aren’t loading and stops working.


  • Also all cache cleared and still happening.

1 Answer

This was fixed by editing the wordpress URL due to Cross Origin. Can be removed or flagged as answered.

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