Assign Domain Name on a IP:PORT Listener

November 9, 2017 2.1k views
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On one of my Droplets, I have a Java Socket Listener at Port :5000. Something like:

ServerSocket serverSocket = new ServerSocket(5000);
Socket socket = serverSocket.accept();

And since there is an Public IP Address on my Droplet, i am able to listen at (example):

It is fine. But now, how do i make my Domain Name to be applied on top of IP Address please. I mean, to be like:

I have my DNS already pointing to Server. But I don't know how to apply (or) bind it to a Port like that. Is it about NGINX? Or can it be done with Apache too? (Because i have Apache also running inside for Web Server) But how do i achieve that please?

Please kindly help.

1 Answer

This is something Apache can do. You are looking for proxypass settings.


<VirtualHost *:*>
    ProxyPreserveHost On
    ProxyPass / 5000/
    ProxyPassReverse / 5000/

    ServerName localhost

You may need to install the apache mods to make this work.

This guide should help you

by O.S. Tezer
In this DigitalOcean article, we are going to see set up Apache on Ubuntu 13 and use it as a reverse-proxy to welcome incoming connections and redirect them to application server(s) running on the same network. For this purpose, we are going to use and work with the mod_proxy extension and several other related Apache modules.
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