atlast we change ip addr to our pc, i hav corectly entred the ip.still i get"You don't have permision to access /phpMyAdmin on this server."

April 15, 2018 601 views

my OS is Win 10, i have entered ip mistake
still the error

You don't have permission to access /phpMyAdmin on this server.

1 Answer

Sorry you're having trouble. To best assist you can you provide some additional details:

  1. Which web server are you running? (Apache or Nginx?)
  2. What guide or steps did you follow when installing and configuring your web server?
  3. Can you share your web server configuration. This would be found in /etc/httpd/sites-enabled or /etc/nginx/sites-enabled.

The more information you can provide the more likely it is that someone here will be able to identify where you need to adjust your configuration.

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