Automated Account Verification Request?

October 9, 2014 10.5k views

when I want to create a droplet,it always show me “ You already have an outstanding verification ticket ” and “Automated Account Verification Request”.
I google about this question,but can’t solve it.
how this happen and how can I solve this?

6 Answers

Reply to the ticket and wait.

  • but my account is new and I havn’t created any droplet.can it work?
    addition,I also pay $5 in my account and use a $100 giftcard

  • Yes, please reply to the support ticket if you haven’t already and wait for a response – your account should be verified shortly.

  • Please reply ticket #490595

I got the same problem, I got a message on my phone which shows my credit card was consumed $1 for the register, but I still can’t create a droplet.

I still waiting since 2015. Fuck that company :D

“Ticket # 1262656 ”.

I have a some problem with billing info when I save card It’s not accept visa debit card of me, I send your 2 picture for my card and hope you can accept my visa debit card.

[Ticket #542594] Automated Account Verification Request

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