Availability zones on DO?

February 5, 2018 4.3k views
High Availability Server Optimization

hey I am aware that aws and Google have availability zones and Azure has them in preview.

Is there such a thing with DO and if not, are there alternatives to get the same level of protection?

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There are availability zones in certain regions such as NYC and SF, and AMS. These regions have multiple datacenters available so you can setup your droplets in multiple DCs but in the same city.

If you want to spread out further you can setup droplets in different cities as well.

Availability zones specific to Amazon reference that each availability zone is separate from another even if they are in the same geography, implying that a physical error, or complete disruption in one should not affect a second AZ.

So you can consider each specific datacenter that DigitalOcean provides as an AZ as well, as a complete failure in say SFO1 will not affect SFO2.

  • That is not entirely correct. While DO may have multiple datacenters in one region, DO does not have the ability to share a floating IP between them (as far as I know) like Amazon does. In the context if this discussion, where it is assumed some sort of failover is needed (for high availability in a region), that is a big difference.

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