Avoid another domain pointing to my droplet?

March 17, 2014 4k views
Hi!, i've a droplet with nginx, and casually (in google) i've discovered another domain which i'm not owner pointing to my site.... any recommends? how can I avoid this? thanks!
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You can't do anything about that.

But you can set up a name based virtual host, telling visitor the domain they visit is invalid or direct them out of you site.

If you just want to emphasize your domain just rewrite all url to your own domain.
thanks! I've avoid this in nginx.conf:
server {
server_name .......
## Deny illegal Host headers
if ($host !~* ^(xxx.com|www.xxx.com)$ ) {
return 444;

  • To bring to the subject a little more conversation.

    But what would happen if I redirect them to my own domain name in use. I have read that some inbound links are good for SEO.

    For example

    != 'www.myactualweb.com'">
    Redirect permanent / http://www.myactualweb.com/
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