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April 22, 2015 4.2k views
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I have too much storage in Yandex Disk, so I want to backup all my data to Yandex.

Using Ubuntu 14.04

I've checked this page ( but didn't work for me. Is there any solution or idea for that?


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After a little searching I believe I have found a solution that should work for you. Yandex disk is accessible via WebDAV and Ubuntu has tools available to mount this type of remote filesytem. Once this is done you would have a folder in your filesystem you could copy files to normally but those files would actually go to your Yandex disk (not a sync, the folder would actually exist on Yandex Disk).

  • The WebDAV details for a Yandex disk can be found here.

  • A set of instructions for mounting a WebDAV filesystem on Ubuntu can be found here.

  • Correct me If I'm wrong, you said that the folder that I'll create that's not going to sync with remote Yandex Disk.

    So what's the point?

Check this out

You can add it to CRON and sync any folder.

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