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June 9, 2015 2k views
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I just launched a website under
It is very important to me to be as secured as possible, and have backups just in case something goes wrong.
I do not have a sql database set, but i am asking, what is the best solution for me to be safe even if everything goes wrong, to get the website (in its current state) back online ?

Thank you.

1 Answer

There are many methods all works if only you are vigilant enough.

Even if you have regular backup, if some malicious code inflects silently and you are not aware of that, it would also get backed up along with your entire server.

So as soon as you restore a previous copy, it would pop right back in too..

DO provides their backup option for some additional fee, you can use that.. You also use snapshot, which is best to preserve server config data but not recommended for website data since taking snapshot means powering down the droplet hence down time..

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