Backups are encrypted but do they stay within EU?

December 20, 2015 1.6k views
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As I have read in:

Encrypted backups are shipped off to Amazon Glacier.
However does this data stay on the EU servers of Amazon if my droplet is EU based?
And if not, are at least the encryption keys EU/US partitioned?


(This should be FAQ material)

1 Answer

Yes. Backups of snapshots made in our EU datacenters remain inside of the EU. From our privacy FAQ:

User data and account information such as billing information, customer support inquiries and contact email may reside in our central US databases. Server data remains in the data center to which it was provisioned. Backup copies may reside in nearby regional data centers for reasons of geographic redundancy (e.g., Germany Snapshot Backups end up in another Frankfurt data center). EU server copies do not leave the EU.

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