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July 30, 2016 1.5k views
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Does DigitalOcean have any plans of creating a one-click droplet installer for Bacula (server and client) on Ubuntu 14.04 (or 16.04)? How nice would that be, eh?

Or perhaps someone out there has a User Data script they'd like to share that does something similar to a one-click install on a bare-bones Ubuntu x64 droplet (or even a fresh LAMP stack)?

I'm looking to build a backup server to store large TGZ and ZIP archives taken from my other droplets. Please note that all of my droplets are on NYC2 which doesn't yet have access to DO's new block storage (yet).

What's the good word out there for a quick-to-build backup solution?

Thank you for your time!

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Thanks for the suggestion. Most of our one-clicks are created because of user suggestions so I strongly recommend that you submit this request to our UserVoice site.

Another option is to create a user-data script and submit it to our GitHub repo. Anyone can create and share a user-data script and we'll be happy to provide a code review and include submitted scripts in our repository.

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