"Bandwidth public" is always high (outbound)

February 1, 2019 696 views
Monitoring Debian 9


I am looking at my Droplet's monitoring page on the digitalocean site, and the box "Bandwidth public" shows a near constant full line around 100Mbps (jittering around +/-10%). When hovering over the box, it says it is Outbound bandwidth that is being used.

I'm no Linux novice, but definitely no expert, so I rely a lot on Google.

I tried "netstat -nputw" which only showed my SSH connection.
I tried nload which showed very little traffic.
I tried iftop which again showed very little traffic.

Is this an issue with digitalocean's monitoring system?

Should I be worried or look into it further? If yes, how?


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  • Update: Today, the bandwidth line is close to zero even with two SSH sessions running...
    And looking back at 24h of history, there is now no evidence of this extreme bandwidth usage at all.

    Thoughts anyone?

    Should I contact digitalocean directly to look into this?

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