Bandwidth Speed Alerts?

June 7, 2019 110 views
Monitoring Ubuntu 18.04

Hello, I have a Droplet 48 GB Memory / 50 GB Disk / SFO2 running for my production site, I configured alerts with default values for CPU, Memory, Disk and also Bandwidth Speed (above 70.00 Mbps for 5 minutes). I received a few alerts saying that, for example "Network Transmit Bytes for droplet xxxx is currently at 441.67 Mbps, above setting of 70.00 Mbps... etc". I was wondering: what does this metric really mean and should I be worried about those "peaks"? and, why I'm receiving and email alert when according to the Monitoring Tab, no alerts have been triggered and according to the graphs, the peaks are way below the 70.00 Mbps mark?

Alert Policies
Name Last Alert

CPU is running high . Never
CPU is above 70% for 10 min

Bandwidth — Outbound is running high Never
Bandwidth — Outbound is above 70Mbps for 5 min

Bandwidth — Inbound is running high
Bandwidth — Inbound is above 71Mbps for 5 min Never

Disk — Read is running high Never
Disk — Read is above 75MB/s for 5 min

Memory Utilization is running high . Never
Memory Utilization is above 70% for 5 min

I hope this makes sense! :)

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