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Hi there! I saw that you have limited the bandwidth transfer.I was thinking buy a vps but now..when I saw that...i don`t now. For example,if a vps can produce 1,2 TB,why did you limit to 1 TB? Is like..i have a car and he can run whit 100 km/h and is limited to 90 km/h.

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Yes, install vnstat. I've wrote a script to shut a droplet automatically down once it hits 999 GiB

Here in Europe it’s actually unlawful to charge overages for a service which doesn’t provide native metering. DO can’t ask us to install something to guesstimate their definition of transfer, the burden is on them.

That is to say, the DigitalOcean control panel needs to provide transfer statistics outside of the droplet, to give us their measure of transfer. They can’t rely on us installing tools which could provide a different measurement.

I understood it so that some of the plan include 1tb transfer and the GBs goin over it are 2 cents per gig... But let's wait for the official reply...
That is correct, marko.korhonen! Depending on the plan, a certain number of tb are included for free. Should the user go over the limit, they will be charged an additional $0.02 per GB.
I have seen that we can pay for additional transfer and are included a certain number of TB.
But,my question is....If the vps or a dedicated can produce me 1,5TB;why you limit to 1TB?
A vps or a dedicated is not a shared,is my machine and I can use the maximum that he can support.I seed the same things at other sellers and thats why I wanted to buy here.
I hope you understand me,sorry for my english.
Its bandwidth. These limitations are common. For this price, it is an amazing deal. A server of each corresponding size is unlikely to exceed the limit anyway, unless you plan to host very large files that lots of people are downloading.
Take a look at the market and try some alternatives, I challenge you to find something cheaper, with the same control panel (beautiful the one used from DigitalOcean), same specs and same performances of DigitalOcean. Same Opinion of btsbits. Its bandwidth and these limitations are common (and everywhere).
1TB is not a bandwidth cap, you can push as much traffic as you like, if you exceed the amount of bandwidth that is included with your virtual server you will just be charged $0.02 cents per GB after your allotment.

Traffic isn't limited.
Is the bandwidth, say, 1TB, granted and reset monthly? Namely, 1TB per month. If exceed 1TB, $0.02 cents per GB after that. Or, 1TB is accumulated thru time; after the accumulated bandwidth usage exceeds 1TB, $0.02 per GB will be charged afterwards. I couldn't find document to clearly state this. so, I ask it over here. Thanks!
You are allotted 1TB for the 512MB server per month and if you go over that amount in a month the extra bandwidth is charged at $0.02 cents per GB.

So its 1TB per month thats included with the 512MB virtual server.
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