Bandwith Usage and Overage Charges

July 16, 2014 13.7k views

I see on the pricing page that bandwidth is listed at $.02 per GB if you go over the allotted amount for your plan. But as far as I can tell there is no way to monitor how much bandwidth has been used.

Two questions:
I’ve seen some references on these forums that state that DO isn’t charging for extra bandwidth until they have better monitoring in place, can someone please confirm that is still the case?

And does the bandwidth amount for each plan (1TB for $5/month plan for instance) include total of inbound and outbound traffic combined? Or is that 1TB in and 1TB out?

4 Answers

They currently are not charging for bandwidth.

If I recall its outbound traffic only.

  • That’s correct. We are not charging for bandwidth and the plan is to charge for outbound bandwidth only.

  • So as of 12/24/2014 they do not charge you if you go over your bandwidth? or they do?

  • @manvir: We are still not charging for bandwidth. Once we do, we’ll make sure that it’s clear and that all users are notified beforehand.

    • Still unlimited? :o
      I’d get nowhere near the 1TB limit anyway, especially if destroying the droplet and creating a new one gets rid of it.

  • Okay thank you very much. Yessss! Unlimited bandwidth!

  • Sorry, just to update. At the moment only the outbound traffic is charged?

What is the charge for outbound traffic?

It’s still unlimited “as of today” I believe, FWIW…when they do end up charging I believe it’s slated as $0.02 see also

0.01 but I don’t know if it’s outbound only.

Do you charge for bandwidth?
Yes. Plans start with 1TB per month and increase incrementally. Once the monthly transfer limit has been exceeded, the cost of bandwidth is $0.01 per GB over the limit.

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