Bash throwing error when I try to run file

November 4, 2017 1k views
Applications Ubuntu 16.04

I was trying to run a file in my home directory called millibyted, but whenever I run ./millibyted, it says
-bash: ./millibyted: No such file or directory

Now, I am absolutely certain that the file is there; I have sftp'd in and everything, but it just keeps throwing that error. This doesn't happen on my personal PC, also on Ubuntu 16.04. What do I do?

  • Hello,

    Could you try giving the file execute permissions first?

    chmod +x millibyted

    I think this should resolve the issue. If it doesn't, maybe you need to make it a shell file.

    mv millibyted
    rm -f millibyted

    Hope it helps, thanks.

  • I has already tried giving exec permissions, and it didn't work. I just tried running it as a shell script and that just threw an error.

1 Answer

Is the Ubuntu 16.04 droplet you're running the 32-bit image or the 64-bit one?

Could be this:

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