Beginner - How to give read access to a developer?

January 17, 2015 1.5k views


I am new to this and have very basic knowledge about web servers. I had my server created as a backend for an mobile app. It is now working fine.

However, I am now working on a new version for the app and have hired a new developer. This developer needs to have access to the server to see how this is set up.

My questions:
Is there a way to give him read access only, instead of granting full root access?


How do I make a backup copy of my server, so just in case this new developer messes something up, I can always recover my files?

Any help would be extremely appreciated.


  • While it would be possible to create an account with read-only access it would be easier to go with your second option. You can power off your droplet and create a snapshot image. This will allow you to restore the droplet to this state should you need to in the future.

  • How’s possible to create a read-only access account? If a developer has a full access he can mess up with your backups as well.

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