Beginner load question. please help with a guess

July 4, 2015 1.6k views
DigitalOcean Node.js Caching Load Balancing Ubuntu

On a small ubuntu droplet,
running nothing but express.js, (I know nginx is better)

How many simultaneous, static file downloads might be possible before the server got stressed?
(even if each download slowed a little)

Lets imagine they are all 1 meg images, if that helps, with the mind experiment?

Would it be 50, 100, or maybe 1000?

How might this be different with one gig ram?

  • To make it simpler lets say else is happening on the droplet.
1 Answer

I once wrote an HTTP API in node (no framework) and within 50 request, not even simultaneous, the server was toast. The memory leak struggle is real.

So as long as node doesn't buckle under the weight of a few lines of bad code, then I would recommend opening top or htop in terminal, sorting it by memory use and hitting refresh a bunch of times in your browser. Or setup 20 tabs to refresh every 2 seconds. Or very 30 seconds and come back in a few hours to make sure no slow leaks are happening. Or use a number of purpose-built stress testing applications to send a lot of traffic to your site so you can see where your failure point is.

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