Best account setup to contribute a VPS to someone and respect privacy

March 20, 2014 1.4k views
I have a $10/mth plan with digital ocean. I am looking to get another $10/mth plan vps where I will pay for this and someone else use it. What is the best method to proceed? 1) Extend my current plan to a $20/mth plan and create a droplet and give a username/pw to the other person? 2) create two digital ocean accounts, and setup the second account with a $10/mth plan. If we do it this way, how would I be able to pay and protect my privacy while protecting the other person's privacy in use and login?
2 Answers
The second one would be better, and if your actually doing this, then use the $10 promo code also, so you'll be giving them $20!

But if you are doing some more-than-one-VPS reselling, then you would rather just give them the password of the VPS.
You can simply create a new droplet and give them the access credentials for it.
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