Best configuration / optimization for an ad network

September 11, 2013 3k views
Hello, i'm going to start an ad network and i'm choosing to host it wih DO. First i want to choose the smallest VPS and when the network grows i will scale up the droplet with more resources. Application System requirements: Web Server PHP 5.3 or higher GD library 2.02 or higher (it's available in PHP by default) MySQL database 4 or higher I want to configure something like this: OS: Centos 6.4 64 Nginx webserver MySQL Of course php libraries and FFmpeg library to convert uploaded videos to flv format. Once a day need to run a cron-job to reset the allowed maximum of clicks and impressions a day from from unique ips, send mails with stats etc. It is okay to store php sessions in memcache? ( )
2 Answers
Some stats like will be automatically updated each 3 hours.
Yes, it's faster to store sessions in memory (memcached) than on disk.

Also consider using MariaDB instead of MySQL:
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