Best distro for a SUSE person?

January 18, 2014 3.3k views
My only real experience with Linux is SUSE (well, I'm a Mac user too for what that's worth). I'm torn between using Linode, which has openSUSE, and DigitalOcean, which has much better prices for what I need the most - memory! So, if I move to DigitalOcean what would be the most "similar" distro for me to use? I've installed a CentOS droplet, and for the most part it's functional for me, but of course I got lost first thing just trying to find Apache - heehee. Is there a better choice for me to use that will be more intuitive/obvious for me? Thanks for any suggestions! Danita
2 Answers
There aren't similar OSes to OpenSUSE available really. You could go with CentOS since it uses RPM too however the package management and basically everything else is different.

I would go with Ubuntu Server since there is the largest amount of community support available for it.
  • openSUSE is better than Centos,I think.
    And zypper is better than yum. Yast is the best.
    We need SUSE

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