best method for multiple platforms on a droplet

May 11, 2019 279 views
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I used the digitalocean one click installer to setup Ubuntu WordPress on 18.04, it’s working well. I want to keep WordPress as my landing page, but then install another application under a subdomain. I have googled the topic and found a few suggestions but I don’t know what the best option is. Can you recommend a tutorial? I’m not really sure on the advantages vs disadvantages of these different methods to do this.

I’m trying to setup an open source community software like UNA or something similar. I know digitalocean has a oneclick installer for some different community platforms but I’m trying to avoid paying for 2 seperate droplets when this is a new project and I don’t have any traffic.

Maybe it would be easier to start from scratch (didn’t do much work within my current wordpress install) and setup WordPress manually because it has more tutorials and documentation on the subject, then I could use the oneclick installer to install a platform that has less documentation and tutorials than WordPress.

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Maybe give a try to the Plesk one-click app? It is probably the best way to manage multiple domains, webspaces, websites and so on. Happy to support you with your use case :)

Hi justsomebaw, curious to know what approach you ended up taking? I am in a similar situation.

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