Best Practice Protect Server in DO from all type DDOS Attack

August 8, 2016 2k views
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hi ..

i have several vm in DO. everyday i see a monitoring use observium and everyday always have traffic not normal. i think this is a ddos attack.

i track a source ip attacker mostly from china. i have tried install fail2ban and still doesn't work . anyone here can give me suggest what should i do to protect my vm ?


1 Answer

Some starting points:
-read up on IPTABLES ... spend a day getting familiar with setting up IPTABLES for one machine. Lock everything down except your ssh port and whatever else you are using (web, VPN, etc). After you get the basic idea you can do all of your VMs
-Use 6g htaccess on your websites
-If you use Wordpress, install a plugin like LoginLockdown
-harden your ssh

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