Best solution for real time server replication .

January 19, 2016 3.7k views
High Availability Load Balancing Backups

Hello !
Sorry if my English is not well .
I read this tutorial about setup load balancer . but i have a question .
what will happen if i upload an image to wordpress or install new plugin ?
both servers will update automatically ? i guess the answer is no .
so how can i setup a real time server replication ?
thank you

1 Answer

Yes it will, if you check the topic Synchronize Web Application Files inside the second tutorial you will setup a automatic sync.
So if you follow the complete document from 1-3(4) you will have a good solution for this.

  • Thank you . Is it necessary to all vps's being hosted in same datacenter ?

    • This is recommended but not necessary;

      If you do not have a private networking option, substitute the private IP addresses with your VPSs public IP addresses. Note that using public IP addresses when you are transmitting sensitive data, such as unencrypted database passwords between your application and database servers, is not good practice because that information will travel over the public internet.

      just follow the complete documentation and you will have a proper setup

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